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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unimap Staff SPAM the portal

As you know, students portal is a place for student to get info about their studies in university. Sometimes, lecturer use this portal platform to give announcement about lab, assignment, course work and etc.

But, when i try to browse the announcement column at the Unimap Student Portal, there is a staff irresponsibly misused the announcement board by giving an announcement about "make money" (see the announcement in red rectangle).

So, is this about education? I don't think so. Just to take advantage in the portal that most of student will surf this portal for educational purposes. Because if the staff spread it via email, most of the recepient will delete the message without read it because the message will arrive in the SPAM inbox in your e-mail.

That staff take the easy way but where is her or his credibility as a staff? Do think this is done by lecturer?

1 comment:

dina said...

eee.. btul ke?? teruk btol la staf unimap nie hahaha..